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A photo of Cindy Thompson smiling and playing her fiddle. Black stepdance shoes.

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Cindy is a dedicated fiddle and step dance teacher with over 40 years teaching experience.

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Cindy's Story

Cindy's electrifying performances have earned her a reputation as one of Canada's premiere combination fiddle player/step dancers. Cindy performs in her own style, full of spontaneity, fun and musical excellence.

Cindy's life long goal is to preserve traditional music. She has achieved this goal through her teaching, which includes over 40 years of private lessons and also as a fiddle/stepdance instructor at fiddle and folk camps and college campuses. Cindy has also appeared on national radio and television, has performed with Symphony Orchestras, released 3 recordings and has performed at major folk festivals, art exhibitions and special events throughout Canada and the U.S.

Originally from the Ottawa Valley, Cindy comes from a musical family. She started step dancing at the age of six and fiddling when she was twelve. Largely self-taught, Cindy began under the influence of her grandpa, Robert Buck. She knew from a young age fiddle and stepdance was her passion and announced out loud she wanted to be a fiddle player and stepdancer as her career choice.

Cindy wanted to be unique, so she learned how to fiddle and step dance at the same time and developed her unique performing style. In her teens, Thompson criss-crossed the country winning over judges and audience alike. Cindy won Canadian step-dancing championships and numerous fiddle awards; including those at the North American Fiddle Contests in Shelburne, Ontario.

Cindy’s favourite fiddling’ memories include:

  • Early in her career, Winner of the National Talent Contest at the Canadian Country Music Awards
  • Performing live in front of 144,000 people on Parliament Hill
  • Performing on the Rita MacNeil show on CBC
  • Performing on the Tommy Hunter Show
  • Performing with the Symphony Nova Scotia, the Thunder Bay Symphony and the Huronia Symphony
  • Performing in Boston, MA. for both MusicFest 2000 and 2001
  • Teaching her students and watching them succeed with their music
  • Teaching fiddle music at Haliburton School of the Arts at Fleming College
  • "Fiddler in Residence" for Almonte Celtfest 2016

Wherever she goes, Cindy's fun, enthusiastic approach builds an amazing rapport with her audience. Cindy’s passion for traditional music shows every time she performs or picks up her fiddle.

Cindy Thompson smiling and holding her fiddle and bow wearing a fancy red leather jacket.
Photo by Jonathan Cohlmeyer

The colours were amazing on the Cabot trail! Can't wait to return :) Cindy Thompson - Fiddle and Stepdance

Posted by Cindy Thompson Strathearn on Tuesday, 20 October 2015
The colours were amazing on the Cabot trail! Can't wait to return.

Another clip of the fun we had playing the contra dance at Almonte Celtfest!With Pascal Gemme, Emilia Bartellas, Graham Lindsey, Nicholas Williams, John & Pippa :)

Posted by Cindy Thompson Strathearn on Saturday, 18 July 2015
A clip of the fun we had playing the contra dance at Almonte Celtfest!

Cindy's Music

Cindy's two recordings, in the past, have both received critical acclaim and airplay on local, national and international media including radio stations across Holland, France, Australia, The Netherlands, Ireland and England. Cindy’s fiddling draws from Irish, Scottish, Cajun, Country, Bluegrass and Canadian Old Tyme fiddle styles.

Her single, "McFadden's/Wild Irishman," appeared in the European Country Music Association Top 40 Independents Chart at #19.

Cindy has also received positive and enthusiastic reviews in such media as Sing Out! and Dirty Linen magazines and also Country Music Round-up - Britain's number one Country Music Newspaper and Country Circle - the best known country music magazine in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Through the Gates is a beautiful album where Cindy says a special thank you to her father, William Forrest 'Bill' Thompson who enabled her to emotionally capture the spirit of a beautiful slow melody. This recording is also dedicated to the memory of John "Jack" Thompson, Cindy’s uncle who followed and supported her on so many musical adventures. You can listen and buy her music below.

Cindy Thompson smiling at the stage lights, playing her fiddle.
Cindy Thompson performing at The Great Canadian Fiddle Show.


Free Virtual Concert

Saturday, February 20st 2021 at 1:00 PM EST

Hope you can join us!! See you there.

Un après-midi de violon avec Kelly Lefaive, Cindy Thompson et invités spéciaux

Saturday, February 20st 2021 at 1:00 PM EST

Hosted by La Clé

La Clé présente un après-midi de violon avec Kelly Lefaive, Cindy Thompson et invités spéciaux! 🎻🎵

Le samedi 20 février 2021 à 13h, dans le cadre du 73e Winterama de Penetanguishene! ❄️

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Date limite pour placer votre commande de nourriture : le mercredi 17 février à 17h.

Les commandes pourront être ramassées à La Clé au 63, rue Main à Penetanguishene le samedi 20 février entre 10h et midi (commandes placées à l’avance seulement).

Pour plus d’informations :

Fiddle player Cindy Thompson and composer/keyboard player Jake Butineau in another dynamic performance at Almonte Celtfest 2013.
Paddy's Return.
Former member of The Great Canadian Fiddle Show.
Performance 2019.
Jake Butineau sitting in front of a keyboard and smiling while performing on stage.

Jake Butineau

Specializing on the keyboard, Jake Butineau's diverse, innovative and natural style has been praised by all who have worked with him. He is a music honours graduate from York University and has a broad range of experiences in music. Jake works as an independent composer for media and has also taught music lessons for theory and piano accompaniment.

For more information visit Jake's website at

Fiddle Lessons

Cindy teaches lessons in the Ottawa Valley, and has students all across Canada.

Cindy Teaches Lessons On-line

Cindy is a dedicated fiddle and step dance teacher with over 40 years teaching experience. Cindy has taught thousands of students throughout her career. She possesses a knowledgeable history of fiddle music that stems back to her roots. Along with teaching beginner and advanced students, her studies in Early Childhood Education have helped her to work with children as young as 3½ years old!

Cindy's teaching is full of spontaneity, enthusiasm, fun and musical excellence. She believes that the art of playing music is achievable for anyone and respects the skill level and individual needs of each student.

She finds the best approach through personal interaction and technical versatility to achieve their personal goals.

Cindy has been an instructor at the Orangeville Fiddle & Step Dance Camp for many years and inspires everyone she works with to aspire to their fullest potential. Cindy has a lot of energy, a lot of knowledge, and works very hard to make the camp experience unforgettable!

— Karen Reed

For more information about lessons, or to schedule a lesson please email Cindy at:

Cindy holding an imaginary fiddle, and smiling, standing in the middle of a classroom.
Cindy having a wonderful time teaching at the Orangeville Fiddle Weekend Workshop.
Haliburton's Winter Folk Camp present Introduction to Fiddle.

Had an awesome concert featuring this year's instructors!!

Posted by Orangeville Fiddle Camp on Monday, 14 July 2014
Orangeville Fiddle and Step Dance camp instructors concert.

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Cindy Thompson similing, step dancing and playing the fiddle on stage in front of a set of drums.
Cindy Thompson on the stage at the 2015 Almonte Celtfest. — Photo by John Rayner.